Hi, my name is Joy. I'm a product designer based in Oslo

I was part of the designer team behind the successful start-up Podio. I worked on Podio's main functionalities such as the app builder, new Podio item and video chat. I am also part of Beagle team where we built an online proposal tool from Podio API. Currently I'm designing digital health care products at Leo innovation lab. I also cofounded Megalearn, a Swedish edtech start-up, where I design and build natural science apps for kids.

Joy is a super cool designer who somehow manages to put great UX and art together…

JUAN ÁLVAREZ, Software Engineer at Opbeat

Joy is a super cool designer who somehow manages to put great UX and art together…

JUAN ÁLVAREZ, Software Engineer at Opbeat

Digital Science Teacher —an app that guides you through mini interactive lessons around science and technology

December 2016  Visual design, Animation, Illustration, Concept development, Research

Fun fact  We dicided to develop this app as a prototype first so that we can learn if our target users would adopt this way of learning. We ended up developing the app in swift and pre animated in After Effects. 

Start with why

Although there are a number of good educational contents available in varous apps, we realised that they are rather passive. Learners can easily lose their attention in the same way they do in their classes. So we tried to come up with the idea to use our existing technology to improve the learning experience.


Small screen

Our target audience are middle school students which are shifting from iPad use to laptop use.  iPad to laptop. Most of them own smartphones. Believing that touch screen interaction allows children to engage intuitively in learning, we decided to develop an app primarily for smartphone users. The lessons in this app adapt to the individual child. They are suggested based on child's interests and his or her progress.


Card layout prototype

The first prototype is using concept of 'card layout'. Each lesson only has 5-7 cards. Each card contains a question and the learners have to actively interact with the cards.

Card layout VS Chat dialogue

We continued working on the card interface with various science subjects and later on we realised that when adding questions on cards we tend to add more instructive content. All the visible areas on the cards mostly belonged to the teacher not the learners. While using chat interface, the learner's content is more visible. They can tell the digital teacher if they get lost. The communication is more mutual and natural.


The handrawn sketch exploring how to visualise the formation of planet earth

Beagle —Creating more compelling proposals, faster.

2015 - 2016   Product design · Lo-fi and Hi-fi UI · Visual design · User interview

Great work starts with great proposal  

Beagle is an online proposal tool initially made for digital agencies. Beagle provides a way to easily create, share, revise and send beautiful proposals. Beagle is made from Podio API. Currently the project is being discontinued. However, you can see some ideas and sketches at the following links.


Home Browser

OnBeagle home page, users can see proposals overview and workflows around. 

Editor Browser

On proposal view, users can directly edit content and reuse the sections from other proposals. 

How Beagle Works

The short video  gives a quick intro to some of Beagle’s key features, including:

How to replace a section
How to duplicate a proposal
How to comment
How to edit and add visuals
How to customise your cover page

Podio —Item Redesign

2014  Product design  · Hi-fi and lo-fi UI · User Interview

Content, context and conversations in one place  

Podio is a productivity tool helping people to manage their projects by allowing them to customise their own workflow.  Items are what we call the single pages on Podio: more than 500 million have been created so far, to manage all kinds of work. However the problem was that there were less new users who create items. 


Podio Item

Item is the generic term for users' content. It could be meetings, contacts projects or sale-leads. They can name it whatever they want. We would like to redesign Podio item especiall our new users. 

See case study 

Thank you.