My name is Joy Leelawat. I'm a product designer based in Copenhagen. 


Designing Digital Products

Currently I am a co-founder of Megalearn: a Swedish edtech start-up where I work as a designer, illustrator and animator. I am also a product designer at Leo Innovation Lab, a health tech incubator in Copenhagen. Previously I was a product designer at Citrix where I have 2 products to work on: Podio and Beagle.

From mid 2011, I joined Podio core team since it was a small start-up before it was acquired by Citrix in a year later. Working on such a complex product like Podio taught me what the great product designer should be. Although design skills, such as visual design, UI design, Interaction design or building low/hi fidelity prototypes, are crucial, they are not enough to deliver the great product. Ability to see the big pictures while working on a small detail, communicating well with the team, taking the leadership and projecting ideas to stakeholders are skill sets that good designer should have.

For 4 years with Podio I have produced more than 170 design items (exclude the experiment projects). All of them are built and rebuilt. My major design features are New App Builder (The biggest change in Podio)Chat PanelPodio Audio VideoAndroid Redesign and Excel Import.

Around October 2014, some of existing Podio team including me has started a small project technically built on Podio Platform. It took a couple of months before we came up with Beagle, an online proposal writing tool designed and crafted specifically for digital agencies. Creating Beagle from scratch requires a lot of research and brainstorming. We had arranged numerous interviews with digital agencies both in Copenhagen and London and performed both qualitative and quantitative user testings. It's such a great time I have worked on small team again. we learn some new design technique and get better at listen and understand our target users.

Background and Education

Prior to my career in digital product, I briefly designed a casual game called Pollen Sonata as my student project. In 2004, I did the research with Kyoto Seika University about Japanese Boy Comics (Shonen manga). And for many years, I had taught at Thammasat Design School, Bangkok

  • M.Sc. Media Technology and Games IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • M.Arch. Architecture and Urban Development KU Leuven, Belgium (cum laude)
  • B.Arch Architecture Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (1st honours)


Follow me: @joyobject. Download my CV in PDF: Joy Leelawat's CV. Or you can see some of my drawings and origami works at dribbble