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Using manga to tell about product features.

Around spring 2014, after we have finished the biggest redesign in Podio, Podio Creator, the marketing team decided to try the good old medium to distribute this news. It was newspaper. Our 12 folds newspaper was full of stories about people who created Podio since they wanna send the high-level message -The Creator. We as usual use our blog to explain this new feature. You can imagine how it would look: the screenshot of new interface, gif animation, etc. I was at that time a designer behind this feature - Podio app builder, not the designer for marketing stuff. I thought it was interesting to tell the story about this feature by drawing manga. Simply because most of newspapers have... Continue →

Podio Item Redesign

The Brief Podio is the the tool helping people to manage their projects by allowing them to customise their own workflow. Although flexibility is the beauty of Podio, at the same time it adds more complexity to the system. People use Podio differently. Ads agencies might use Podio activity stream. Recruiting companies might use only task. However, in order to get the most from Podio, the users have to follow Podio structure -Items, Apps, Workspaces, and Organisations. Podio structure Item is the generic term for users' content. It could be meeting, contact, project or sale-lead. They can name it whatever they want. The problem was there were less new users create items. So how could we, as a Podio design... Continue →