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What I learned from rapid group sketching

This article was published first in Beagle's blog Sketching out ideas using pen or pencil is the designer’s primary method when starting new projects. But as part of this project, we spent a lot of time doing short, intense sketch sessions in groups (internally here at Podio and also together with our partners at Made by Many). This technique really challenged me and I thought I’d share my reflections here. The process generated a lot of questions inside me. What do people gain from this process, apart from getting a lot of ideas in a short space of time? And if it’s just to get as many ideas from as many people as possible, why don’t... Continue →

Making of Origami Beagle

After 6 months of coding and designing, Beagle team was ready to tell the world about our cute little dog —Beagle. Beagle is an online proposal writing tool designed specifically for digital agencies. Beagle aims to let people enjoy and be productive while writing proposal. It's the tool for those who value craft and details We prepared a small launch party and planed to distribute some goodies in the event. One of them is Beagle Origami. The idea is simple, making something amazing from a piece of paper. The same concept as writing a really good proposal from the a piece of digital paper —Beagle.... Continue →